Shoe Flowers!

3:16 PM

I've been DYING to make some flowers for my shoes! Except I was cursed with some nice n' wide feet so I rarely ever fit into flats! My little sister on the other hand got my mom's skinny feet. She loves flats so I plan on raiding her shoes and adding some flowers. At Diary of a Preppy Mom, I found a GREAT tutorial to make some shoe flowers. I never thought of doing it that way at all. I was going to add some flowers to this pair of shoes:

They're really dark blue not black. I love them for two reasons :
1. They're SO comfortable
2. They make me look taller

Anyway, instead of doing a pom pom like in her tutorial, I wanted to try a box fold flower. I then decided that I wouldn't put them on my shoes and just made one instead of two. I think my hair would have been WAY too jealous if I did. I found a tiny black, material covered button and plopped it in the middle.

I LOVE it. Yes, after these pictures I DID take the glue off. Whoopsie!
Now I command you to go check out her tutorial. Your shoes are calling you!

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