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Ugh. I'm just having one of those days. I started a stop-motion video for my technology class today. I think that's what they're called. You guys know those videos made out of a billion photos. Well, 209 photos, 4 dead batteries, and an hour and a half later, I have successfully completed a total of less then 30 seconds. Oh joy. I am sitting here, procrastinating. I've already fulfilled my creative quota for the day. I keep staring at my notebook, attempting to take notes on the US Revolution. I so far have the title and the date. I can't focus! I'm not inspired by anything at the moment, so I feel like if I even entered my craft room, I'd just end up staring at my glue gun for an hour. I should probably STOP procrastinating right about now.... but I just have a lot on my mind. Well, I'm really not actually thinking about it.... but still. My dad got a job offer for a GREAT job. He's been retired for about 3 years now so this is really great for him. There's just a downside. An extremely big downside. It's almost a cliff... The job is 2 states away. So that means that he'll live near his work five days a week and possibly come back up on the weekends. The best part is that he's planning on starting to work there in early May. There's something going on that time of the year. Oh yeah. My birthday could it be? I'm sick of him ruining my birthdays (Don't tell him I said that, but it's MORE than true!). I'm still a kid, sort of.... So I still like my birthday. It'll bring me one year closer to getting my license... which is one step closer to freedom. Ugh I NEED to stop rambling. I'll let you guys go for now. I'll TRY and post something tomorrow, if not possibly Friday... or Saturday... or Sunday... or...or....or....

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