12:22 PM

Today I am sitting home alone.
Today I am enjoying my first weekday of Summer where I get to sleep in.
Today I am packing for my class trip where I do not  get to sleep in.
Today I am tempting my dog with pretzels to get her to let me take pictures of her.
Today I am missing my little ladies (chickens) every time I look outside and don't see them playing in the grass.
Today I am trying to get myself motivated to clean my room and craft room.
Today I am going to blame the whole mess in my (our) room on my sister.
Today I am going to sit outside and enjoy the weather.
Today I will get sick of spending yet another day alone with my dog and start to go mad.
Today I will start to make another dress for the southern belles I'm visiting in Mississippi.
Today I will wish I was in Mississippi and not just sitting home alone.
Today I will wish I either had A. my driver's license and/or B. Friends that lived closer.
Today I will wish that I had more friends.
Today I will love the friends I have even more than I did yesterday.
Today I will remember the funny (cough cough stupid) things I did with my friends yesterday and will laugh.

Today I will love life and everything in it.

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