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6:00 AM

        Today is Saturday. That has no relative meaning to the rest of this post whatsoever. I was pretty much just reminding myself. Now that it's Summer the days just sort of all melt together. Mondays feel like Fridays and the "Monday" feeling is nonexistent.
       Anyway, if you go and check out my pages, you'll see I added a "Where I Party..." page. There's a bunch of buttons from link parties. It's not quite done yet as you can see I don't even have parties from all days of the week. If you've got a party that's not listed, feel free to either send me an email or leave a comment and I'd love to add your button.
      I've also been updating and adding to my "About Me" page so go check that out for some quirky and random details and facts about me.
        I've really been trying to make my blog better for all my readers. I seriously can't stand messy blogs. I like ones that are neat and pretty. I'm going to try and add some fun stuff around here. So just keep checking back for updates.

If you missed the guest post from Just Jaime of Wayward Girl's Crafts, you can find it here. She did a really great job :)

I'm now on my way to a gymnastics birthday party with a bunch of sugared up 3 year olds. Wish me luck!

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  1. Hey, thanks for your comment! I like your version of camping. A cottage, that sounds wonderful! We are definitely doing this for the kids, lol! Have a great weekend!



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