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        Vacation is definitely serving me well. Ish.  I've already got a nice tan despite staying indoors most of the day to beat the extreme heat. I know I should be doing something physical but running in 95 degree weather with heavy humidity is not appealing! That's the one good thing about being home. There I've got a weight set, a trampoline, a huge backyard, a running partner (my dog) and a gymnastics center I can go to. Here I don't have any of those things.
          I don't even have access to any craft things! I thought I'd be happy just having my camera... but I don't even have that since I lost it. That was on Friday and I still haven't gotten a call about it. I think I might tear up again just thinking about that. I'd love to have a new camera but I don't have enough money with me for a GOOD camera. I don't want a point and shoot. At all. Like I hate just touching them. It's all auto, all the time. Blahh. 
       Waahhhh I wan't my camera! I've just had so many photo opportunities that I know I'd be able to get a good shot. Sure the people I'm staying with have a point and shoot... but but but.... It's not the same.
       This is where I'd love to be with my dad. He just had surgery because he knee got infected from a cut. He had low blood sugar (he's a diabetic) and got up to get some food and cut his knee on a table in his apartment. I don't even know if he's out of the hospital yet or how he's doing. I called the hospital once to talk to him and he just sounded.... weak. He didn't sound like the man who taught me to ride my bike or the one who went and built me and my sister a whole playhouse on stilts. He wasn't the tough guy who'd cut himself, let a bad word slip, then keep on doing what he was doing.
      I really just want to go home early... but I don't. I'd be going back to the same routine. Sit. Alone. All day. Talk to my dog. Fun. Fun. Fun... NOT! I'll stay for now, though I know I'm missing my own bed in my own room in my own house.
        Don't worry! Despite all my rambling posts, I do have a little fun lined up for you guys. Guestposts!  Wootwoot. More, more, more! Yay! And.... I'm always willing to take some volunteers if anyone would like to!
        Oh, and does anyone have any camera recommendations? Or at least a good place to find them cheap?

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