My Favorite Beauty Products- 9 Products for Beauties on a Budget

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I am not an expert by no means! I'm just here to share a few products that I've found helpful over the years and that won't totally break your budget!

With all these products, a little goes a LONG way so if they do seem like a lot, remember that they'll actually last you for a while. Most of these you can get at numerous places but I put a link for one of your options to buy it at.


Aussie Hair Insurance Heat Protecting Shine Spray, $2.97 from Walmart
This stuff works miracles! I apply it every time I get out of the shower to my wet hair and when it drys my hair is shiny and not so damaged. It's also a heat protectant so it helps in humidity to relax your hair and then obviously it protects your hair when you use a straightner or curling iron.
Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque, $3.79 from Walgreens
This stuff is great for like once a week. It's a fun and easy face mask that smells great and leaves your skin feeling SO soft. I always get compliments on how soft my face is (weird right?) and this is part of the reason why! It last for quite a while too and it does dry up pimples and acne on your face.

Clean and Clear Morning Burst Fruit Infusions Smoothing Facial Scub, $5.97 from Walmart
I use this pretty much every day in the shower and it basically just leaves my skin soft and not oily. It smells pretty great too which is a plus! Again with this stuff, a little goes a long way so it lasts.
Clean and Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent for Sensitive Skin,$3.99 from Target
I put this stuff on a cotton ball and then I apply it to wherever I have acne on my face. I don't tend to break out a lot but lately, probably because of stress, I have and this stuff works great. It's supposed to dry out your skin a lot but I haven't experienced any bad side effects of it like that though.
April Bath and Shower Cold Cream,$1 from Dollar Tree
Basically any brand of this stuff from anywhere will do the job. I use it to remove make up but I hear there's some other uses for it too. This stuff is gentle and doesn't make your skin raw. It does smell a bit like "old people" but the smell doesn't last! It feels refreshing and I love this stuff.
Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax and Strip Kit, $5.99 from Walgreens
This stuff is obviously painful and obviously not the best. I'm including it in here because waxing your own facial hair is SO much cheaper than getting it done! Also you really only use a strip or two each time so one box does last a while. I am (thanks to genetics) a not so proud bearer of a little "mexi-stash" and so this wax kit has become my best friend!
Walgreens Hydrogen Peroxide, $0.99 from Walgreens
Yes, hydrogen peroxide. It whitens your teeth! You simply gargle with a cap full and spit it out. It does taste kind of bad but for the results, it's SO worth the 30 seconds of disgust. There's directions on the bottle for using it as an oral rinse. It also helps to get rid of canker sores
Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion, $8.87 from Walmart
This stuff is perfect for basically all over your body. The bottle really does seem endless. I put this on every day on my legs and it keeps them nice and moisturized. Basically this stuff is genius. It doesn't have any perfume in it so it doesn't irritate your skin at all.
Degree Men Dry Protection Extreme Blast, $3.97 for a twin pack from Walmart

I know what you're thinking. Men's Deodorant? Yes! Men's Deodorant! It's A LOT cheaper than women's deodorant and it works SO much better! Like why use the crappy girly stuff that barely keeps the sweat and stench away? If you sweat a lot, this is the answer for you. Recently I've started running and I actually put this stuff between my thighs and stuff and it helps with rubbing and chapping too. Seems pretty silly but it's my little secret.

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