How to Eat Healthy for 1 {On a budget!}

9:21 PM

Almost anything is significantly easier if you have unlimited funds. That being said, most people do not have that privilege.

As a young person who lives on my own and maintains a healthy lifestyle, here's what I've discovered  as my keys to success on a budget:

1. Eat in season.
In season fruits and veggies= cheaper/ tastier.

2. Your freezer is your best friend
Chicken breast is on sale? STOCK UP AND FREEZE IT. Fruit starting to go bad (or spinach!) freeze it and pull it out later for a smoothie!

3. Stock up on $1 bars
My favorite midwestern grocery stores (Meijer and Kroger) have weeks where health bars like lara bars and cliff bars are only $1. Stock up and throw them in your purse, backpack, car, etc. for when you're starving! That way you're not tempted to spend some serious money on eating out!

4. Shop more often and only buy what you can eat.
Yes, you'll have to limit yourself but you really don't need that cantaloupe just because it's on sale. It's already going bad and plus you have so much other tasty food to eat! Why waste food?!

5. Oatmeal
I am gluten free and 80/20 paleo. My one big exception is oatmeal. A big can of store brand instant oatmeal costs less than $2. There's SO many options to dress it up and you can even use an egg as your liquid! Did I mention its filling and fast? Much cheaper than cereal and only takes 1 minute in the microwave. Are you convinced?

6.  Be loyal
Get a loyalty card if your grocery store offers one. A lot of the deals advertised are only offered to loyalty card holders!

7. Plan. Or plan not to plan.
I like to plan but sometimes I actually don't feel at all like eating what I had planned. So I plan so I don't have to plan. I buy chicken breasts and burgers and split them up and freeze them so I can just defrost and eat. Again, your freezer is your best friend here.

8. Shop Generic.
You don't need to shop at Whole Foods for all your groceries (or even anything at all really). Just be conscious of the ingredients that are in the foods your buying. I buy generic brand for most things because it's just as good. Sometimes I find great deals on organic items at the generic grocery stores and other times I just buy regular stuff. It's ok to be generic here.

9. Think out of the box. 
You can eat literally just spaghetti sauce. Or put it on broccoli instead of pasta. You can have salads that are just lettuce and chicken. It's ok to eat weird things together.

10. Black coffee, black coffee, black coffee.
By learning to like black coffee, you save serious $$$ when you buy coffee out as well as unnecessary calories through creams and sweeteners! Today I craved black coffee. I didn't want any of the fancy mochas or anything of the coffee shop menu even though I was actually willing for once to cough up the extra cash. It may sound disgusting at first but believe me, it's one easy step to conquering your sugar dragon

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