Being a Hardworking and Empowered Woman in the 21st Century

5:24 PM

I wasn't supposed to have issues like this. I attended a well known progressive elementary school and the top Catholic school in my state for middle school and high school. Both my parents are college educated, my mom even has her PhD. The only voice I heard was "you can do this if you put your mind to it." My own biggest enemy was always myself. I worked hard and everyone supported me.

And then I had a job interview that changed everything. I had an interview for a simple part time customer service position. I walked in feeling confident and I walked out feeling humiliated.

Two things happened.

First, I was shamed for being educated and working hard. I was told that my school was "really hard" and that I was never available due to my summer class schedule and my other part time job. The tone was condescending and almost mocking. I made the mistake of including extra curricular activities on my resume and they were pointed out along with the adjective "busy."

Second, I was shamed for wearing pants. I was told that the dress code at the workplace is skirts and dresses only for women. It was pointed out that I was wearing pants and that pants are inappropriate and not allowed.

Never once did I think I would be humiliated for attending the University of Michigan and pursuing a double major. Nor did I think I would be humiliated for wearing modest Michael Kors dress pants that I wear to Church.

There is nothing wrong with being a strong woman and so I'm just going to keep doing me.

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