2:27 PM

Okay. I'm back to share some photos! Life has been crazy! I have nothing (or any time for that matter!) to redo or refurbish. So here's some photos from my Homecoming last night:
Dress: Francesca's
Earrings: Francesca's
Ring: My mom's jewelry dish
Bracelet: My grandma's
Clutch: Aldo's
Shoes: Perisian's (Steve Madden) 

We didn't even ride in a limo. We snuck into a friend of our's for a quick picture. 

I did my hair, makeup and nails myself. And I don't have any other pictures of the back of my dress or my hair! Whoops! I literally got ready in the bathroom of my mom's work in about 20 minutes.

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2 Sweet little note(s)

  1. What fun! YOu look gorgeous too! Did you make your dress? (Hope I didn't miss that post!)

  2. I bet your mom tried to take good pictures but the lighting and other milling parents got in the way......


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