My First "Official" Photo Shoot!

6:31 PM

So as many of you may know, I do dabble in a bit of photography.  And I absolutely love it but I'm no trained professional or anything. When my best friend since birth asked me to take pictures of her family, I couldn't say no! After many schedule changes, we finally took some pictures! Here's the out takes:
The youngest has been rocking a long 'do and it was actually pretty funny to work with since his hair kept getting in his eyes.

We went to a park by my house and they have several bridges, this being one of them. I love all the shots we got on there.

We didn't get very many of all three kids together but this is one of my favorites of all of them.

They brought the dog along and she was very photogenic!

My best friend was very photogenic. They all were though and required very little posing.

We handed the camera to her dad who snapped this one of the two of us. I absolutely love it!

The middle brother was hilarious in getting everyone else to smile and kept mentioning poop. It worked though!

I brought along a stool and was able to capture this moment of the parents. I love it!

This one right here is probably my favorite of the whole family.

Everyone was so cooperative! It was freeeeeeeezing cold and they kept putting coats on in between shots.
I got another request for photos for sometime next week or so! Whew. This time for the three little boys I babysit for. I may need to make this into a business!

And I apologize for my absence, between school, cheer, homework, and more school, I'm constantly busy! I do have a little project (and a big one!) that maybe I'll be able to share sometime soon!

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  1. Margaret! Those are some fabulous pictures! You are a talented photographer. Love the one of the family walking away no the bridge! You go girl!


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