My First Official Photography Gig

9:08 PM

It's true! I got one. I'm going to be shooting pictures for my best friend's family. I'm kind of really scared. I'm beginning to doubt mine and my camera's skills. To make it up I had a mini photoshoot with myself. I'm not charging them since it's my first one and if they don't like the results I don't want them to have to pay for a second one. And plus my friend and I have been best friends since diapers. True story.

Here's the best one I got of myself using a plastic little table and the self timer on my camera. I really love the fact that it looks like I have highlights and my feet in the background. 

Oh and here's an obvious self portrait or as the kids these days are calling them "selfies."

Oh and I just threw this one in here because I found it cute.

Max (the brown one) never lets little Rory get near her but I did manage to capture this picture which I may have to get developed!
 Rory is always trying to bite Max's collar and start fights. She's currently touching Max with her paw even though both are asleep at my feet under the table. Max is obviously Rory's best friend. Although Rory being Max's best friend is a totally different story...

And then I got this... There's a good chance I'm going to frame this one. I LOVE it! Max wasn't so into being photographed but my sister wanted a photoshoot. It was the last (and best!) Picture out of everything.

Oh and I'll definitely be posting the out takes from my shoot so keep an eye out for it!

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  1. Don't doubt yourself! You are an awesome photographer! Congrats on your first shoot! I know you'll do great!


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