DIY Cardboard Deer Head

7:59 PM

When I redid my basement two years ago, I wanted to put in a plaster deer head and a wall of raw wood slices. I did neither but 2 years later I'm halfway done with my design. Ooops! I found a template at  DIY Deer Head Instructions and I was going to use directions for Paper Mache Deer Head at Imperfectly Imaginable but needless to say I didn't have plaster of paris and was to lazy to even try and put paper mache on this flimsy little thing.

I took these slices of cardboard which are the back of notebooks. They just appeared on the counter in my craft room the other day. Convenient huh? Anyways, I didn't end up using the x-acto knife because scissors were a lot easier. 
I printed out the template, cut them all out, and taped them to the cardboard.
 After that, I cut out the cardboard and then assembled all the pieces. I used scotch tape where it was flimsy or wouldn't stay in place.

Yes, that is held up with duct tape and some tacks. shhhhh.

Ooops I should have cleaned things up a bit before I took pictures.

Either way, I still love my little deer head!

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