Easy and Budget Friendly Gift for High School Grads- Laundry Kit

10:11 AM

As Facebook is filling up with Prom pictures and graduation pictures, chances are you're getting invited to way more graduation parties than you have time for... or money for. Because yes, it's customary to give a large monetary gift when you attend a grad party. But your gift of money will probably get lost in the sea of all the other money. Here's a new idea!
Get them something cute and small they'll actually use- plus it'll be memorable!

I went to Target and got mini bottles of Tide for $3 and then got various laundry bags (they didn't have enough of one :( ) for around $5.50. Then I got the little bags for the coins at Jo Ann's for $5 for 10 bags. I also got the ribbon and scrapbook paper there as well on previous occasions. I tied everything up and I plan on either putting them into gift bags or wrapping them in cellophane wrap.

Here's the link to the tags I made: College Checklist Gift Tags. FYI the check mark is hand drawn. I signed the bag of the tags with a little personal note as well.

I attached around $2 in quarters on the front there but obviously more could be attached. I didn't want to put a super large amount just in case some of the graduates were going to schools where they used Student cards inside of coins for the laundry machines!

 It was super easy to just whip up a bunch of these so I can grab them and go.

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