Basement Redo

7:15 AM

Don't expect any before and after pictures for a LONG time. We don't even have time to consider anything until at least June. *Sigh*
To say the least, our basement is a flashback to the 70's. (I think my mom said that. I wasn't exactly alive then to confirm this). Let's just say, it could really use some updating. See for yourself:

Here's the pile of giveaway or get rid of. 

 Don't ask why we have a bed in our basement. I don't even know myself!

 Oooh. Fancy fridge right there. 

 Random unused room divider next to our HUGE cabinet and a bin of Legos. 

 We got a new TV hence the need to get rid of a bunch of stuff since it doesn't fit into the old cabinet! 

 My mom's "office." 

 More stuff that needs to be sorted.

 Look at all these old records! I'd LOVE to display them somehow.

 This HUGE cupboard is FULL of games and puzzles.
 Just admire the picture wall. Pretty huh? No. The frames are all different colors that don't go together. Most of them are crooked anyway. 

We're going to sell this old TV cabinet on Craigslist. I absolutely HATE it. 

 We've got two of these which we're also going to sell. Yay!

I had wanted to paint the walls grey instead of the beige color that happens to be in our living room, bathroom, laundry room, basement, and I think even our kitchen. C'mon people! Let's get a little more creative! Since we're taking the carpet out, we'll have to deal with the flooring underneath which happens to be a less paint splattered version of this: 
Grrreat. My mom is voting for green but I don't know. Both our craft room and mine and my sister's bedroom are green. The craft room is a mint green and our room is more of a lime. Hmmm. 

I'm voting for a lot of white furniture. I think that game storage thing would look great white. Apparently my dad loves natural wood and hates painted wood. It's pretty obvious to see by looking at any room in my house.

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