Key Lime Fruit Dip

8:19 AM

I was at a New Year's party yesterday and there was LOTS of delicious food. Heck, that's the one reason why I go every year. Anyway, I soon spotted some apples in this spread just calling my name. I'm serious. When I went and tried it, I was in heaven! We decided we just had to recreate it!
My mom picked up some cream cheese, lime jello, and whipping cream. They're all from Kroger if you couldn't tell.

 I took half of the cream cheese which I think is maybe 2 oz. There was some sort of label on the wrapper that I glanced at. 

 I just plopped that in my mixer,

 Watched out for some major threats... (My mom bought our whole family Nerf guns for Christmas) 

 Added the lime jello packet,

 and the whipping cream,

 and stirred!

 I wasn't the only one being shot at though which was a relief. 

 I mixed until I got this sort of chunky looking but actually really fluffy concoction.

 We'll be serving it at dinner for some people we have coming over. I couldn't help trying a bit (or a lot...) and it was delicious! At the party I went to it was served with green apples but since I'm not a fan of them or neither is anyone in my family, buying a whole bunch just to eat a few of them with this dip seemed kind of stupid so we'll be having it with pineapple, red apples, and blueberries!

I even had some help cleaning up which was great. It turned out this dip was a family favorite!

This dip was so easy to whip up!  I saw a few recipes for the dip around the internet but they called for numerous ingredients and seemed to require more work. At the party, it was rolled in nuts and served like a cheese ball.

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3 Sweet little note(s)

  1. Looks delicious! We got Nerf guns here too...the poor dog had the same fate as yours!

  2. Oh we love nerf here, too much fun. the dip sounds like it would be perfect for apples, I have to try it.

  3. Key Lime is my absolute favorite! I'll be featuring you tomorrow!


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