My Room Reveal!

8:00 AM

Please be patient as I tell you the exact history of my room.

My room has never been 100% "done." It's always been a mash of things.

When I was born, my parents painted my room baby blue and mint green for a girl. I was outraged growing up! And when my sister came along, it was just as bad. Two little girls in a boy like room. And it wasn't feminine or anything! No pretty white furniture just old leftover from everyone else.

When I was maybe 6 and my sister 3, we painted it purple. We chose "plum" and "lavender" if I remember correctly.

Around the time I was 12 and my sister was 9, we painted the top half lime green and my sister got a loft bed. That was it.

Until now.

We dismantled that sucker and are trying to sell it on Craigslist. We started rearranging and finally have some GREAT results!
We took this old book case that belonged to my mom's dad.

Yes that is a fish! It's a betta fish named Bubba.

Anyways, we bought 9 fabric boxes from Target and filled them with stuff like scarves, belts, and socks.

We put all our nice shoes on top of the book case.

My mom bought some curtains (Target of course!) and they really keep our room nice and dark!

We got some pink sheets from Target and covered our futon. It's SO convenient having the futon in our room for when friend's sleep over.

Here's my little corner of the room. We got new comforters at TJ Maxx and they fit perfectly in our room! 

I hung up this old coat hook that used to hold our costumes in the basement when we were young. It's sat in the corner of my craft room until now! I couldn't get the screws into the wall all the way but you can't even tell. shhhh.

Between the book case and my bed is this old desk from my dad's dad (I think...) Anyways, we vowed to keep it clean and we now have a great workspace for homework! I also hung that bulletin board back up.

Yes, that is a Hello Kitty mini fridge! My sister got it for her birthday last year.

We got this chair from Office Max. It looks a LOT better in person! But I put it together all by myself! woo.

Oh and here's my sister's corner of the room. I attempted to make her bed for the picture... She may or may not also have a certain poster of a boy band coming in the mail soon! Shhhh!

Also a heads up, Amazon has really cheap posters! The shipping costs more than the actual poster. Although, the shipping and price combined, you can save up to $10 and they have a MUCH better selection than in stores!

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2 Sweet little note(s)

  1. Nice job! You are so creative! You're also a pretty darn good sister from the sound of it! I love the work space and the colors are so pretty!

  2. I know it's been a year since you posted this, but I dearly hope you moved that betta to a larger tank. The container it's in is much much much too small, and it needs a tank of at least 2 gallons, with a heater if you are not in an area of tropical weather.


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