Basement Reveal!

3:39 PM

This has been an ongoing process since June.... We painted the walls, tore up half the carpet, left it for a while, tore up the rest of the carpet, left it for a while, and finally installed new floors and put everything back together! Here's the result of all the madness:

Here is some of the art work I've done at school this past year

This is my mom's office area here

This half of the room is really just vacant space and a bit of storage. I absolutely love the floors! They're vinyl and perfect for a space like this where it floods when it rains sometimes because they're waterproof.

Here's the TV area... PLEASE ignore the mess. I still have a picture to hang up and I know that little heater under the chair looks tacky... and so does the basket with blankets and pillows spilling out of it.
Most of the stuff was reused and we already owned it.
 My aunt gave us the rug. Here's the Tutorial for the Pillow Sham. You can also find out how I updated the trunk.

You can find out How I made my photo wall. You can also find out how to make that side table

You can find out How we hid our router in an old book.

This old closet door hides the utility box

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  1. This is great. I love the color you chose for the walls. I'm Hanna, new follower here:)
    You can find me anytime at

  2. Oh my goodness, I am so proud of you! As the mother of three teenage girls, I would be so tickled to see one of them blogging. Sorry, that might not be what you want to hear from a fellow blogger, but it's the mother in me. In any case, your basement looks terrific. I'm especially fond of the router you hid in an old book. Great idea! I found you over at Six Sisters' Stuff. Keep up the great work!


  3. Thanks for sharing your hard work, it is a wonderful makeover! <3 I'm visiting from To Sew With Love :)


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