Those Vacation Photos I Forgot to Post... Whoops! London 2013

4:48 PM

We've all done that before right? Meant to share some vacation photos but never got around to it. I'm the number one culprit of this! Here's some pictures from my trip (gulp) last summer to London. So it was a long time ago I know but I figured I'd share them rather late than never. I apologize for the pictures being so small it only let me change the size of a few of them. Uh blogger wanna get on that error that seems to keep happening to me?!?!
But anyways,
Here's my cousin and I in front of the London Eye

Here's the Big Ben!

Here's a telephone booth!

Here's a faraway glimpse at some soldiers
Here's some statue in front of the palace
Here's the palace! There were TONS of news crews stationed outside there awaiting the birth of the royal baby!
Here's a band that had walked by while we were sitting outside the palace

Here's some sort of government building (I think)

Here's the view from the Tate Modern Art Museum. That bridge there is in Harry Potter!

And here's me at a beach on the English Channel.

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