DIY Salvation Army Painting Upcyle

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Salvation Army sells some gorgeous (and some ugly) works of art. Many of them are on canvases and we all know how expensive canvases can be. Especially large ones. A few years back, I gave my mom a painting that I'd picked up for around $4.

It's sat behind a curtain in my craft room since then. I guess this is where I publically call out my mother for not appreciating my gifts. (Sorry, Mom!)
But anyways, I pulled out (and dusted off) this old canvas and decided it was perfect for a bit of regifting. For some reason I loved the original picture and was a bit sad to paint over it.
I apologize for the grainy, dark pictures. I took these at night and the lighting in the room is terrrrible. Maybe I should have given her new lights instead?

Anyways, I was inspired by these canvases that are similar.

I didn't get any in progress photos except for this one. It gives you an idea of what the painting looked like before. I just printed out the letters and cut them out with an exacto knife and taped them down. Yes, I should have used wax paper to prevent the paint from bleeding through. Whoops it's too late now!

As you can tell, my lettering is obviously crooked and very messy but it's not THAT obvious from a distance so I just let it slide.

My one annoyance regarding this work is the fact that the letters in the bottom corner are really dark! UGH
 As you can still tell, I obviously didn't put very much paint on it but I liked how the flowers shone through and the background design.
and perhaps I was running out of red paint shhh.
I gave this to my mom for Christmas and she actually hung it up in her bedroom! I was very proud of my regifting success.  Did I mention I have a serious regifting problem? NEVER give me anything that you're positive I won't keep because I may accidently give it back to you!

Speaking of my downfalls: canvases. I have an addiction to them. It's a good thing they're so expensive or else I'd have probably hundreds of them. I seriously love making art on canvases but I have nothing to do with all of it so I have to stop myself!

So if you're looking for a gift to give me, I strongly suggest either canvases,  more paint, or chocolate. You can't go wrong with any of those ;)

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