DIY Christmas Mantle

11:06 AM

DIY in this case stands for Decorate It Yourself! We don't have a mantle but we do have a piano and the top of it is almost like a mantle. The concept is similar so bear with me and I'll share with you how I decorated my not mantle for Christmas this year!

 With the "Baby it's cold outside" and "Glory to the newborn king" printables, my printer printed them out in a very light yellow so I just drew over them with a gold sharpie. I just put everything in some random frames I had laying around the house and then threw in a few random little objects and called it a day!

Christmas tree: Made by gluing gold ribbon to paper
Baby It's Cold outside: Diary of A Mad Crafter
Ho Ho Ho: The Social Home

Glory to the Newborn King: Happy Looks Good on You
Deer: kind of inspired by The Social Home but I actually made this last year

Mini Christmas Trees: Fynes Designs

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