Influenster Glam VoxBox Review! #choosetosmooth

2:09 PM

A few days ago I received the glam voxbox and here's some of my thoughts on it!

  • Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor- I love this razor! I have really sensitive skin so spending more on a razor is worth it to me so I won't have irritated skin. 
  • Venus Olay Shave Cream- Smells good and I love the feel but I usually don't splurge on shave gel because ivory soap is better for my skin. I probably wouldn't buy this product on my own but I do enjoy it. 
  • Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo- I love the small bottle because it fits in my purse. My roommate swears by this product but I'm convinced that dry shampoo just doesn't love me. It doesn't feel as grimy as other brand's I've tried but I still just don't love it. 
  • Q-Tips Cotton Rounds- My mom uses these daily to take her makeup off but I've always just used a tissue. I like that these don't fall apart like a tissue and I like the small size. 
  • Cutex Nail Polish Remover Pads- These are effective and a lot less messy than using a tissue and nail polish remover from a bottle but I don't think I'd being willing to pay more just for the convenience. 
  • Shea Moisture- I had a mini spa night with my mom (50+) while on vacation and here's what I thought: 
    • Facial Wash and Scrub- This felt great and had little scrubbing beads. My mom wasn't overly impressed with this.
    • Anti-Aging Moisturizer- This felt great on my skin! I'm a huge fan of this product but my face did break out in a little bit of a rash after using this so I don't recommend this for sensitive skin
    • Anti-Aging Facial Mask- This burned a bit on my skin (according to my mom it only tingled on her skin) and was a weird texture but my skin felt afterwards!
*Disclaimer: I received these products free to test and all opinions are my own

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