You are my sunshine...

9:01 PM

Here's a crappy printable I thought I'd share. I like the idea of it... just not quite how it turned out. Blah. Anyway, I like that song a lot. It gets stuck in my head way too much. 
Either way, I needed a distraction from studying. Not that I actually even studied. So... it's 9 o'clock. I have two quizzes and a test tomorrow then a game. Oh and early dismissal! I spent my half day today learning contortion and partner tumbling tricks with my sister. Time well spent? I think so. 
Very proud of my chin stand here. I first tried it several times without the yoga mat.  Let's just say I have a carpet burn... on my chin. 
 We decided to pull out my old leotards. Let's just say I wore them when I was in 3rd/4th/5th grade. So like 4-6 years ago. They still fit. Perfectly. It's sad that I haven't really grown.

Ignore my sister's uh lovely comment at the end there.

Maybe I'll study? or maybe not.

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