Goodbye Summer!

9:37 AM

Today is the last day of Summer! That means....

Goodbye Summer.
Hello School.
Goodbye procrastination.
Hello do it before practice.
Goodbye eat when you're hungry.
Hello lunch box and hot lunch.
Goodbye sleeping until 9:30.
Hello waking up at 5:30.
Goodbye front seat.
Hello carpool and smashed feet.
Goodbye sit at home all day.
Hello school from 7-7. 
Goodbye pajamas all day.
Hello uniforms.
Goodbye I'll get around to it.
Hello do it now. 
Goodbye couch.
Hello desk.
Goodbye purse.
Hello backpack.
Goodbye flipflops.
Hello bringing 2+ pairs of shoes and none of them are open toed.
Goodbye blogging.
Hello homework.

Okay I won't completely stop blogging. I just won't do it as much. We'll see how things go though. 
Goodbye Summer. Hello School.

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