Amazing Iced Mocha!

5:00 PM

I just found the best iced mocha recipe at Coffee and Tea Warehouse

It was amazing. 

 Until I spilled it.
 Thankfully I was wearing my PJ's and not something I actually cared about.
 It's nights like these that I love having a backyard.

Ahhh. Goodbye Summer! Hello School. 
Isn't it just great that school starts tomorrow? It's only orientation but I should still probably finish rereading my summer reading books and actually finish my summer spanish. 
We even have our first game tomorrow! Super excited for that one. Especially since pretty much have of my team has never cheered before in their life. Well, there's always a first for everything. 
Like the first day of high school! Eeek. I'm so nervous and excited I doubt I'll sleep tonight!

We had our freshmen corn roast last night. It was okay. Actually pretty boring. My parents and sister sat with a girl I had met at camp. That will make things awkward to see her tomorrow... but besides that, I made a new friend. Yay for new friends! Anyway, I'm getting excited! People were really cliquey because they only knew kids they either a. went to school with or b. do a sport with. Awkward. My Sara(h) count is up to 3, My Emily count is up to 5, and my Lauren count is up to 3. We'll see how those numbers change tomorrow. Eeeekk!

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