Fun in the Sun... Just Kidding but here's some snow pictures!

4:12 PM

Yesterday we got about 6 inches of snow or so. The flakes coming down yesterday were HUGE and fluffy and we couldn't resist going out and taking some pictures. Plus it was around 20 degrees out so that was quite warm compared to the past few weeks. Usually I always get SO angry with my camera because it won't focus and my pictures turn out bad and blah blah blah but this time it was crazy just how nice the pictures turned out! I just turned on the self timer, put my camera on the tripod, and we posed!
Ok this one is a bit creepy but I swear the rest aren't so bad!

Here's my sister (wearing my dress of course)

 Me (Left): Jacket: Kohls, Dress: Primark, Beanie: Probably Aeropostale
My Sister (Right): Dress/ Belt: Kohls
Ok usually I NEVER edit or take pictures of myself- always others but this time I actually let my sister get behind my camera and take pictures of me and so I figured I'd share them.

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