Why I Hate Jo Anns

6:13 PM

The store near me rearranged EVERYTHING! Even the employees didn't know where things were! My mom left me to aimlessly wander the store for 2 hours while she went and took my sister somewhere. I'm not good when I'm left alone.
I found this little beauty and totally fell in love!

 I found this picture in a book and I fell in love with those curtains. Aren't they neat?
Isn't this burlap cool?

I totally filled my cart full with pretties to show my mom.

I mean seriously! My mouth was watering.

I totally love this too.

This is just screaming nursery at me. Love it!

Like seriously! Look at this coral! I found it on the sale rack for $4 a yard.

And isn't this damask great!
But don't let that fool you.
We went to take a class at Jo Anns. It was a two session PJ pants class.
The first time it was good. I mean the girl was kind of spacey and obviously didn't know what she was doing.
The second time we sat there for 30 minutes. and waited. and waited. Finally we went to customer service and told them.
Another half hour later and a new woman finally showed up for another class.
She had to help us and the other class at the same time.
It was horrible.
And then she couldn't stay late and help us because she had a family BBQ.
And so those pants never got finished and it was a TOTAL waste of about $100.
And you know what they gave us?
A coupon! A silly coupon for another class!
First of all, their classes are 50% off very often.
And second of all, why would I even want to take another class after the first one!

And that my friend's is just one of the many reasons why I hate Jo Anns.

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1 Sweet little note(s)

  1. JoAnns is not my favorite either. The one we have here isn't bad, but the one we had when I lived in Montana was horrible! Maybe it just depends on who's running it!


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