Easy Way to Update the Messy Bun

8:38 AM

Or if you're me and your hair is physically uncapable of being put into a messy bun, then a perfect cinnamon rolled, ballerina bun.

Anyways, the trick is to add excitement and surprises!

Maybe you add a nice bump in the front....
                          People see you from the back... a normal bun.
                          You turn around and WHAM!
Maybe you flower on one side of your hair...
                          People see you from the one said... so, so.
                          You turn around and WOAH!

So anyways, the key is to play things up!
My secret is braids. They're in right now and I'm actually good at them.
And plus they're the one thing my hair will cooperate with.

My favorite is the upside down braid! I just can't really do it to myself... at all.
This is obviously the normal persons reaction...

"Oh a bun. How creative."

"What what's that in the back?"


To do this braid to someone else, have them lay down or bend over a chair or toilet facing you. Pull all the hair you won't use away and pony tail it or clip it back. Just do a normal french braid starting at the base of the hairline and secure it along with the rest of the hair into a  bun or pony tail. It's actually really simple! The only hard part is the positioning!

Your braid will probably look better! My sisters hair does not at all like to be braided! UGH!

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1 Sweet little note(s)

  1. How cute! I practically always have my hair in a bun so finding a fun way to update it is always good.


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