How I Conquered My Sugar Dragon

1:27 PM

I am addicted to sugar. When I'm sad, I crave sugar. When I'm happy, I crave sugar. Heck, when I'm bored, I crave sugar. I love sugar.

 I have not perfectly conquered this sugar dragon that has a hold over me but here's how I made progress:
  1. Throw it Out (Or hide it in the freezer). If I have a plate of cookies sitting on the counter, you bet I'm going to grab one mindlessly every time I walk by. If its hidden in the back of the freezer in a container, I have time to stop and think about what I'm doing as I am removing containers of frozen beef and ice packs and berries and who else knows what to get to the cookies. 
  2. Unfollow every single Pinterest board/ instagram account that regularly posts pictures of sweets and desserts. Yes every single one. This step may seem small or stupid but its just another way of removing the temptations! If you absolutely need a recipe or some inspiration, you can search for it. Feel free to replace all the unfollowed pages with healthy, inspirational accounts ;)
  3. Learn to say no. Find it within yourself to straight up say no or just make up an excuse. Suggestions for not accepting a cookie someone offers you: I don't feel well, I'm allergic/ sensitive to ______ (ingredient), I'M TRYING TO LIMIT MY SUGAR INTAKE, I'm challenging myself to not eat sweets, I ate before I came, my doctor told me to avoid _____, ETC. You don't need to accept every sweet someone gives you to be nice!
  4. Go Cold Turkey- Give yourself a challenge. I personally do best when I have rules to follow. When I simply tell myself that I'm lessening my sugar intake, I try reason with myself and end up cheating often. When I have a reason or a purpose to not have any sugar at all, I find it easier. A Whole30 or the 21 Day Sugar Detox are great ways to do this but even simply eliminating one sugary part of your day at a time is great. Start with no sugar in your coffee or not having a mid-morning sugary snack. 
  5. Give Yourself a Reward for going cold turkey- And by reward, I don't mean a food reward. Treat yourself after going x amount of days without sugar (or with limited sugar). Safe reward ideas could be taking a bath or buying yourself a new piece of clothing. Just do something you love to do that you don't normally get a chance to do. You deserve it if you can conquer that dragon!

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