My Whole30 Recap

4:48 PM

I know I've been basically silent but I've been busy, y'all! I've been learning, cheering, and most recently, whole30ing it up. While on the whole30, I worked out 4-5 days a week so while I didn't necessarily lost weight, I lost inches and gained a whole lot of muscle. *flexes*
Also what I lost including inches...
-Love handles !!
-Splotchy face/ breakouts
-2ish jean sizes  (I bought a new pair of jeans right before starting and took the tags off without thinking... BAD IDEA! They're too big now!)
-Horrible snacking habit

What I gained...
-Healthy eating habits
-The ability to cook myself more than just a frozen waffle or pasta
-Better sleep
-Several instagram followers
-New gymnastics/ cheer skills

Was the whole30 hard? YES! Did I cheat every once in a while? YES. I ate an oreo once and a couple bites of a friend's frozen yogurt. IT HAPPENS! But I also do have a huge stash of candy that I've been given that I didn't touch at all which makes me so proud of myself. Big wins for little set backs!
Follow me on instagram @chicaesartistica to see some food pics, catch up with my whole30 and see what else I've been up to!

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