Cute as a Button St. Patricks Day Decorations

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Here's a crafty DIY for St. Patrick’s Day

Today I’d like to share with you all a tutorial for this Cute-as-a-Button Clover! St. Patrick’s Day is by far my favorite holiday (ok probably right behind Christmas but shh). When your school mascot is the Fighting Irish, it’s hard to not love all things green and gold! 

To make this cute little art piece, you will need a hot glue gun and glue, a variety of green buttons, a frame, and a clover silhouette (which can be found here)

This piece means a lot to me. My mom brought back this frame from London back in her former life (before kids of course). I opted to leave it pink because I liked the surprising pop of color it provided. All the buttons that I used came from my grandma. When she died, I inherited her button basket and truth be told, this is the first time I’ve had a real use for these buttons but I’m so glad that I was able to use them! Several of the buttons actually came from my mom’s Girl Scout vest way back in the day! If you don’t have any of your own stash, you can shop at places like Joann for all your button needs! 

Here’s a little peak inside because why not! 
To get started on the clover, print out the silhouette (or free hand a clover if you’re daring!).

Because hot glue is permanent in situations like this, be sure to figure out a rough lay out for your buttons. I ended up changing mine slightly as I started gluing but I definitely avoided any major mishaps. Thankfully, the beauty of a project like this is that mistakes aren’t really that noticeable and so the perfectionist in me gets to take a little break.

Simply glue down all the buttons in place but beware that the glue will seep out of the holes in the buttons! No matter how many times I use hot glue, I always forget its key characteristic: IT’S HOT! So please watch out! 

Once your creation has cooled, pop it in a frame and it’s good to go! Because most frames are meant for thin photos and not cute and chunky buttons, I used a frame that has staples that you bend down to close it. This allowed me to loosely push the staples down so that the picture would fit. 

Since I don’t have a real fire place or a mantle to decorate, I use the top of our rarely- if-ever-used wood burning stove as a makeshift mantle. I opted to go for some simple decorations this year so the pink of the clover could really pop. 

You can find directions for my faux pot of gold here and directions for my clover pennant here. The “happiness is being Irish” print is actually a card someone sent me last year. I hadn’t planned on keeping it but when it turned up amongst my other St. Patrick’s Day decorations, I just couldn’t resist putting it out! If you’re going to be throwing a St. Patrick’s Day party, you can make your own invitations on places like Shutterfly
That’s it y’all! The hardest part of the whole process was digging through the button basket for green buttons (I strongly recommend buying them!) but it was still lots of fun to make. Hope everyone has a great St. Patrick’s Day! 

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