College Care Package Ideas (Stuff College Students Actually Want)

3:40 PM

I can't think of a single college student who wouldn't love to receive a care package... the big question for the senders though is what to put it them... Here's a few ideas...

-An extra toothbrush (chances are, your student has been using their same worn out toothbrush for months now, ew!)
-Mini Hand sanitizers
-Holiday decorations such as window clings or small door decorations
-School supplies (everyone loves newcolorful sharpies or highlighters!)
-Homemade baked goods
-Starbucks or favorite coffee place gift card
-Granola or protein bars
-"Open when..." letters
-Pictures of student with family members or pets
-Reusable water bottle
-Chocolate or favorite candy
-Pain relievers
-Cough drops
-Pack of playing cards
-Caffeinated energy item such as energy drink, 5 hr energy, starbucks VIA packet, etc.
and for the lazy, just send an amazon gift card as an e-care package!

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