Dorm Room Reveal

6:56 PM

Every girl's dream is probably to have a dorm room that doesn't look or feel like a dorm room. I can safely say that I feel like I've achieved that. With ample storage and enough floor space to spread a yoga mat, I feel super comfortable in my dorm room! Here's the grand tour of it

I bought these cardboard letters from Jo Ann's and painted them and hung them on our door and our quad mate's door with command strips. You can find more info about the painted rock here. We actually use the rock to keep our door to our quad hallway open during the day and we love it!

We (I) crawled on top of the closets to hang up the Michigan flag. It was worth the hassle :) I got those two blue and pink boxes at Home Goods on sale and I love them! One holds all my snacks, the other holds my tea and coffee and another one under my bed holds my feminine hygiene products.

We have SO much storage space! I asked my mom to bring me more hangers because I have so much more room to hang stuff ;)

Here's my roommate's set up at her desk. We both agreed that our desks are for looking cute and charging our laptop at (maybe a little bit of online shopping?)... the real studying will occur in the library.

Here's my desk area... This picture was photobombed by our fan... boy do I love that fan.

Here is the top of my desk area... not pictured: my fish who did not survive the move :(

Here is my bed! Having a half lofted bed is great but it's impossible to make it well because I can barely reach it without my little ottoman pictured below.

 I moved my bed a bit so I could have some more space on top of my dresser... It's perfect for my hair and makeup stuff! My roommate also gifted me with these awesome navy and aqua jars she painted... How cute (and handy!) are they?!? I love them!

Here is a better view of my bed and all the storage I have underneath it! My ottoman even doubles as storage for my towels and sheets!

I used washi tape and sticky tack to hang up some pictures and this oh the places you'll go print

 The pillow cases I made myself along with the garland and the two canvases. The third canvas I made that sits on the top of my desk was SUPPOSED to hang on the left of the M canvas but after fighting with command hooks for about 15 minutes, I gave up and the space will remain blank until further notice...

And that's my dorm room! Let me know if you have any questions about anything and I apologize for my lovely iPhone photography and poor lighting (yay for rainy, grey days!)

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