Putting the 'Thanks' back in Thanksgiving

4:58 PM

        Apparently the latest thing is that many stores are closing on Thanksgiving day so their employees can spend time with their loved ones as well as to encourage customers to do the same. My company is not one of these.

       In a world full of technology, where everything moves a mile a minute, sometimes it's hard to slow down and realize the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving, though an American holiday with no religious connection, is still an amazing opportunity to simply give thanks. I encourage you all to put your phone down for a few minutes and to love on all those around you. Tell them why you love them!

        So I thought I'd take a moment to set my mounds of homework aside and share what I'm grateful for!

I'm grateful for my family who is delaying Thanksgiving dinner several hours so I can join them once I get off of work

I'm grateful for my dogs for always making me laugh over FaceTime... even when my sister accuses of me of only calling her so I can see them

I'm grateful for an AMAZING big who literally cried because she missed my initiation ceremony

I'm grateful to my amazing teammates who always encourage me and laugh with me when I fall

I'm so thankful for my parents for supporting me in attending this amazing school! 

I'm grateful for coffee for always helping me get through Mondays... and Fridays... and every day in between.

What are you thankful for this year?

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