Spring "Mantle"

12:47 PM

I know you've been waiting with baited breath for me to post again. I've definitely enjoyed my unplanned hiatus.
So now here is my Spring "mantle."
 I completed it basically as soon as St. Patrick's Day passed. I'm so done with all this cold. THANKFULLY though, we've finally reached warm ish weather! Before school everyday, I have to heat up my car and walk in with my winter coat on. After school, everyone can be seen in short sleeves even though it's only 45.
Anyways, here is my mantle.

 Yes those are chewed up eos egg chapsticks. My mom decided that they would go perfectly fine with my color scheme and be out of the dog's reach.

I had made this little bunny softie a few years ago from some random silhouette I found online but here's a great similar silhouette and tutorial from Positively Splendid. I found that pink polka dot bunny silhouette here. I was originally going to not frame it like I did but I couldn't get it to print out any other way so I just gave up and I actually really like how it turned out.

 Yes that is a candle holder sans candle. Shhh. Here's the Hello Spring Printable.
Apparently we own quite a few Easter themed books? My mom put these on display here after I finished the top.

And so here is the whole thing. I opted for no garland out of pure laziness. I was going to make one out of easter eggs but that obviously did not happen...

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