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Easy to make, great looking... and slightly time consuming... one of my favorite art projects... collages!

Time: This is varied based on how big you make your collage and what type of glue you use

  • Some sort of canvas or other surface.  (I used canvases with a wood frame on back)
  • Paint (Optional but recommended-for painting surface before adding stuff)
  • Old magazines that can be cut up (Depends on how big your collage is going to be, but I recommend NOT using TIME or other really thin magazines)
  • Paint brushes (for glue or paint) 
  • Decoupage glue or some other type (I actually used Zip guard with a satin urethane wood finish... it actually turned out really nice; we were out of glue) 
  • Newspaper or something to put under your project
  • Scissors ( I recommend a nice, sharp pair for closer edges)
  1. If you are going to paint the canvas, do it now so it can dry while you cut. It looks better to have a colorful back round poking through than just white.
  2. It's time to C-U-T! Go crazy! I'd recommend cutting out A LOT of pictures now, so when it's time to glue, you can just focus on gluing and not cutting.  In my opinion, for people, animals, objects, etc., it looks better if you cut them out exactly. 
  3. Get ready... set... GLUE! If you're using Decoupage glue, be careful because it's hard to move or lift up a picture after it's soaked in the decoupage. *TIP* Start gluing at the top of the canvas and work your way down. 
  4. Just brush on your final layers of glue, let it dry, and wallah! Time to dispaly and let the compliments come! 
Here's how I hung my collages in my bedroom: 
Don't mind the poreclian dolls or the cheesy comforter over the futon...

*There's a link for decoupage glue recipe above*

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