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8:00 AM

       After seeing a post from Blue Babes Create on making a paperbag skirt out of a Men's dress shirt, I knew I had to try it. In truth, it was quite spotty, but it was much better than nothing.
       My only problem was finding the right shirt. I had three my dad has previously given me to make my Shirt Dresses. They were just um... how can I put this nicely? Ugly. They all looked fine as a shirt but they were dark green stripes, an ugly puke green with odd patches that were supposed to be there, and blue stripes. I went for the blue stripes since it was the least appalling.
         Okay... and now brace yourself for some hideous webcam photos. GASP!

 Lovely huh? 
For most of the steps I was all cut and no measure. Pretty daring. 

 Here's a very awkward picture of how my waistband turned out. Sorry holding a laptop upside down and angling it just right is VERY tricky! 
The tutorial does NOT tell you that you need an extra piece of fabric or how big it should be. I just dug out an old very cut up denim shirt, found the largest piece, and cut it into a rectangle.
Please excuse my awkward posing: 

I'm quite proud of myself, though. I might try this again with a much more attractive shirt from salvation army. I seriously wish I'd taken the pocket out. There's a little whole in it which annoys me. I already sewed over the top of it to put my waistband in so I'd have to take that out to take the pocket out, too. Not going to happen. Thankfully, just as I was sewing over the pocket, I discovered a lump which turned out to be an old snotty tissue. Glad I found that or else it would probably be in there... forever.

I caution you if you're going to attempt this tutorial. I think I did a fine job on mine in terms of construction. It all worked out in the end but there were definitely some key details that were left out but don't give up. Just try to look at the pictures and use common sense. If you need any help, just shoot me an email and I'd be happy to help. My skirt probably took about three hours. I spent extra time on little things like the belt loops because my fabric kept fraying and breaking loose each time I'd try to turn them inside out. 

I'm off to the beach tomorrow to spend a few days crafting with my aunt. See you in a few days :)

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6 Sweet little note(s)

  1. You did it! Congratulations! You say you wanted it more atractive, have you thought about some ribbons or changing the buttons for a bigger ones with forms?

  2. All manner of disadvantages can be cured by a trip to Goodwill... go find a shirt you like better and make another one! (Although I think this one turned out pretty well!)

  3. Cute, cute skirt. I ♥ how that turned out Ÿ

    Thanks for visiting me over at Pittypat Paperie and leaving the nice comment. I hope you will drop by again sometimes.

  4. Thanks you babe! You are the perfect model and great job!


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