Junk tree in a bottle!

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I really couldn't think of a better name for this, so sorry if it doesn't do this project 'justice.' I guess I'm sort of embarrassed to admit this, but I got the inspiration for this craft from a craft book from the 70's. Oh well! Anyway, this CAN be a slightly simple craft, but it's sort of hard. I WOULD NOT recommend this for young kids because of the glass bottle and the wire.

Time: Really depends on how many 'branches' you do, probably around 30 minutes or so
Wine Bottle (or some sort of vase, just something to display your branches in)
Soft Wire (Amount depends on how long and how many branches you choose to have)
Junk! (Could be old parts-like above- or maybe keys or something else)
Wire cutter (If the pliers you use don't have a built in one)
Pliers (I'd recommend long nosed ones)
Here's the pliers I used just in case you need a visual

1. Gather up all your  old parts you're going to use. I'm lucky to have a garage full of it! I personally think rusty looks a little better than shiny and new.  The book I read used parts from an old alarm clock.

2. Cut the wire to your desired lengths. I'd recommend cutting them to different lengths for an assorted look.  REMEMBER: Cut an extra inch or two just in case!

3. Wrap the end of a piece of wire around one of the parts, thus creating a 'branch'

4. Arrange all the 'branches' in a wine bottle, vase, etc.

I actually made the tree at the top and realized that it might look better with keys instead of old parts. Here's a photo:

It looks a lot better in person. I was just too lazy to turn on a light so I used the flash. Although I am kind of thinking that it looked better with the old parts instead of the keys! Oh well.

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3 Sweet little note(s)

  1. I LOVE the tree with keys! Great post, this is my favorite kind of craft!

  2. Great tutorial. Love it, thanks for sharing

  3. This is just ADORB! Love it, I want to make one of these, def putting this on my to-do-list!
    -Carrie Eve @


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