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Due to a nice computer clean up, I lost a lot of pictures. I somehow had left these on my camera and was able to re import them onto my computer... but I lost all pictures before the first step so please just bear with me! 
I started out with a whole bunch of pallets that I got for free at a local landscaping place. They were an awkward size but perfect for a size table. 

I pulled apart several pallets with a hammer and crowbar. Brand new wood would work just as well! 

I cut 6 pieces of wood 18" long and they were already about 3" wide. I lined them all up in an order I liked and attached them together with two pieces of wood that were 15 1/2 "

This is how the table top looked.  

I cut 4 more pieces. Two 14" pieces and two 15 3/4"

I attached them around the base of the top to have something to attach the legs to.

Here's the finished look:

And incase you wanted to see the look my feet were rocking all summer:

I did have to add a TON of wood filler to the top and the legs because it's reclaimed so there were a bunch of holes and cracks.

The top wasn't totally flat since a few pieces were warped but I think it adds character!

Not all the pieces were the same type of wood but after it's stained, you can't tell!

Now that the top is done, it's time for a stain!

Here's a comparison of a used and a clean stain rag... whew that was a chore to clean!

 I suggest testing your options FIRST! You can test either on a scrap piece or on the bottom. I ended up going with the dark brown one on the top left.  It's Carver Tripp 9304 American Walnut but I doubt they still make it any more!

Here's my finished stained top!

I cut 8 pieces of wood 26" long. 

I love the look of a dark stain with white so I went ahead and painted my legs white.

I screwed the legs to the top and glued the legs together.

Here's the finished piece!

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  1. Great table. I have an old pallet that I'm wondering what to do with it. This looks great. I'm your newest follower. Come check out my blog when you have a minute at

  2. Wow, you did a great job! Your table looks wonderful. What a wonderful way to put those old pallets to great use. Thanks so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent. :)

  3. This is such a clever idea! I'm so glad to be following you, love your blog!


  4. You really did a great job with your table. Thanks for sharing, girl.



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