Merry Christmas!

6:11 PM

I'd like to wish each and every one of my amazing followers a merry christmas and heck, even a happy new year! Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I embark on a journey. or a roadtrip. You can call it either one. I've bee SUCH a bad blogger lately. I've been super busy lately but how about a few pictures? I found a Canon EOS Rebel T3 underneath the Christmas tree. I guess Santa really knew what I wanted. Or maybe it's a coincedence that there's $250 missing from my bank account. And the same amount from Mom and Dad's. Hmmm. Nawww. Anyway, I found it on sale at Target on Black Friday for around $500 including a case for free which is normally at least $40. And now for some photos to make things exciting:

My darling (HA sometimes) little sister:

My baby girl, Max who's really not such a baby anymore as you can tell by all the gray:

 Family Photo attempt. Not good. The lighting was horrible so we had to resort to the flash. We had a perfect one but my mom decided to stick out her tongue. 
 And an awkward self portrait on the way home from all the Christmas Eve festivities. 

Now it's time for church. You know, the lovely candle light services where all we do is sing amazing christmas songs and I always cry. Hopefully we don't have a repeat of last year where I almost lit a girl's hair on fire. Whoops! When we get back, I'll be sure to share some of my recent creations which does include food. That's something I don't want to talk about right now. Imagine a table FULL of cookies. Then a homemade (authentic!) Mexican buffet. Then imagine that table of cookies again. That's how I feel. Be sure to throw in a cup of coffee, a coke, and a bottle of water. I'll probably have to pee about 10 million times during church. GREAT.
Merry Christmas!

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