Scrapbooking: Why it's NOT my thing

7:06 PM

Well I wouldn't be a very good blogger if I only shared my successes in life. That would make it seem like crafting and art is easy... which it's not. It's quite frustrating really but no one tells you that! They all make it seem like fun and games!
We all have our limits in life. We can't be good at everything. I have a lot of things that just aren't my thing. The list includes:
1. Running
2. Math

It's expensive and oh so time consuming... but I'm SO jealous of the people that can make it seem easy and make beautiful layouts. My patience for some things can be great but that is not obvious in this book that I will share with y'all.

My aunt gave me this old empty scrapbook she had... I was going to use it for a trip I went on last summer. Did I do that? OF COURSE NOT. So low and behold, when my parent's anniversary rolled around, I figured I'd make them a scrapbook.

Well I set out to Jo Ann's with about $5 in my pocket. Thankfully the scrapbook paper was on sale! Thankfully I underestimated how many sheets I needed.

I bought a few "pretty" ones that weren't simply black and white.

I happened to have a few stickers at home that could loosely be incorporated into this project.

I left a feeeeew pages just plain white (this was foreshadowed by me saying I underestimated how many pages I needed. Oops!)

I numbered each page by the year they were married.

I also sneakily left this in there. I may or may not be planning to give them a new sheet to add to this book every year until I graduate from college....

And so now do you see why I hate scrapbooking? It's sooooo time consuming and takes way to much out of my $0/ month budget. It also makes me a bit sad because I don't get any pictures developed anymore. I truly just want to get all the pictures that I've taken in the past few years printed out and blown up and just display them all over the house!

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