DIY State Canvas

3:54 PM

I went to a garage sale the other day and the lady running it came up to me and asked me if I'd like this canvas before she took it to salvation army. After shuddering at the sight of it, I finally said yes thinking of all the possibilities I could do with this free gift!

A few coats of grey paint...

A hand cut out Michigan... (the whole picture couldn't print out on one page so I just let it get cut off and free handed in the rest)
 A little tracing...

I filled everything in with white paint that ended up a bit grey and put a red heart on where Detroit is (ishhh.....)

This picture now sits on our new bookcase that we got from a family friend who's moving!

Total spent on state art piece:$0
Total spent on bookcase: $0
Total spent on decorating top of bookcase: $2 (on those cool vintage spools of thread!)

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