Our Newest Addition- A Puppy!

7:00 AM

It all happened kind of suddenly...
just kidding.
 For about 4 years we've been planning on getting a puppy. Things just haven't worked out. It wasn't the right time or the right breeder.
But this year, for Father's Day, we picked up the sweet little green colored puppy from a breeder an hour away as a gift for my dad.
We named her Rory. Her registered (official name or what not) has yet to be chosen. Any ideas? We were thinking of "Mikey's Girl Rory" or something of the sorts. Maybe something that has to do with Aurora? She's a beautiful Brittany Spaniel and we got to meet her whole entire family. Like sisters, mom, dad, grandmother, and even the great grandmother.

She's so spoiled and has lots of toys. 

 We've all fallen in love with her little green eyes.

She's a great reading companion. 

She has us all wrapped around her tiny little paw.

She's quite the cuddle bug

Our other dog, Max, is still a little unsure of her.

Although they seemed to have declared a truce.
She's made it a bit hard to finish my to-do list (well mostly to-craft) but I'm managing!

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1 Sweet little note(s)

  1. Awww..is there anything more fun or cute than a new puppy??!! Are you taking her on vacation with you?


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