Trunk Makeover

9:11 AM

I have no idea where we got this baby. We've just always had it. But we've covered the top with a blanket because it's so scratched.

Some scratches were DEEP.

There were even a bunch of random holes.

I filled the scratches and holes in with wood putty and sanded it.

After a coat of spray paint, it was looking great. I missed a few patches in the front but I think it adds to the antique look. I was really just too lazy to go over it again.

 I thought the contrast between the unpainted handles and the trunk itself was too bright.

I just added some black shoe polish which darkened up the leather and made it look a lot better

Here's it's new little home! It's filled with all our movies and DVD's and such. Right by the TV for easy access. It's also a really great little foot rest!

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7 Sweet little note(s)

  1. Very nice job!! I did a trunk almost identical to yours, but in a very different way. I really like how yours turned out and the new straps! Nice work!!


  2. Nice job Margaret! Wish I had a cool trunk!

  3. I past one of these up today with a lot of regret, but I just have too many. Yours turned out great - they make wonderful storage!

    Distressed Donna Down Homw

  4. Love how this turned out. Awesome job. I see these all the time when we go pickin' but I never thought about a redo on any of them. Great job. Found you via a link party and am now a new follower!

  5. Great job. Thanks for sharing at our party this week.

  6. I love trunks and boxes. They are always good for something! Nice to see you brought this one back to life.

  7. Wow that is excellent, I've been on the lookout for a trunk and it's great to know I could use wood putty on one if it's not in tip top shape!


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