The Easy CD Holder

11:26 AM

Since we're redoing our basement, we're changing everything around. There's a trunk in my living room that I wanted to hold movies. There was a catch though... it was already holding CDs.
I needed to find a new place to hold the CDs since I had my heart set on using the trunk.
I found an old box from a robot kit. What? Anyway, I figured it was perfect.

I taped the corners of the bottom and lid to reinforce them.

I found some silver wrapping paper which was the only thing that didn't have Santa or say "Congratulations!"

I cut the corners and then wrapped up the box.

The inside was not beautiful....

The outside actually looked pretty good, though...

This was the trunk I wanted. I'm thinking about filling in the scratches, repainting it, and then distressing it.

There were SO many more CD's than I thought. I had to use both the lid and the bottom to hold them.
I even found we had 10 Simon and Garfunkel CD's. Who even needs that much? Well we got rid of a bunch of kids CDs and empty cases. We stored the boxes under a table that used to be in the basement. The table sits behind the couch and is totally out of sight. Woo. No one has to see it and I get to have my little trunk in the basement! Woo. More to come about it.

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  1. Well there ya go! A cool necessary craft! Glad you got your trunk!


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