Pillow Sham Tutorial

8:06 AM

        As soon as school got out, we jumped on all our DIY projects for the summer. The list is long and just keeps growing! Our first task was to conquer our basement. 
      Besides a few gallons of paint, we decided that some of the pillows needed some freshening up. My  and I went to Jo Anns and found this gorgeous durable fabric on sale. We even got a few yards of it. My task was to make pillow cases for all of the pillows.

I found another pillow sham we had to base mine off of. I wanted to do the whole cross over removeable thing.

You'll need probably less than a yard of fabric and a pillow.

I probably could have used a tape measure for this but it was better to see exactly how it was going to fit. Lay the pillow on one side of the fabric and fold the bottom up so that it's a little more than half way covering the pillow.

Lay the other side over and find the point where they overlap about 2 inches. This is going to be the length of the pillow. For the width just kind of gather up how much fabric will be required on either side of the pillow.

Cut out and iron the fabric. I left the selvage on the end since it's going to be hemmed.

Fold over, iron, pin, and sew the short ends.

Fold the prettier edge over around half way. This will be the edge that is exposed.

Fold the other edge overtop, making sure they overlap about 2 inches or so. Pin the sides and sew. 

Make sure to do a bit of backstiching over the flap since this will be tugged on a lot when the pillow is put in and taken out. 

Flip the pillow case inside out. It should look like this. Iron it if it's needed.

The pillowcase should be slightly bigger than the pillow to accomodate for some poof.

Insert the pillow. Here's the front:

Here's the back:

Here's the pillow in it's new home. Don't mind the fact that the moldning still needs to be put back on and that the table still needs to be redone and that the picture needs to be hung higher.

My pillow case turned out a bit big. I think that it makes the pillow look bigger. Right? After a recent outbreak of lice that somehow found it's way into our house, all the pillows had to be washed. I can't find the other pillows that actually go with the couch. This guy will be alone until then.

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3 Sweet little note(s)

  1. Nice job! I love it! I made my first pillow a couple of months ago and I tell you, it was a struggle!

  2. Great tutorial. I especially love the fabric that you used. Thanks for sharing at our party this week.

  3. Nice tutorial! I've been looking for an easy one to follow for pillows in my living room I want to do!


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