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If you didn't know, we've been redoing our basement. It's not quite ready for pictures since it's still a BIG mess. We still have tools everywhere and such. One of the last steps though, was recreating our photo wall but much better this time.
I didn't get a photo of the before since it got taken down about three weeks or so ago for painting.

 We went and got an engineer's print of this picture done. It turned out to be almost 40 dollars for a 18" by 24" print. They went and improved the quality for me and printed it black and white in a color printer. The quality was great but the price was not.

Anyway, I attached it to the cardboard that was already in the frame using a high tech attachment system. Or just tape.

I went to all this fuss getting it into the frame... and then I realized it was upside down.

Once I got it all in correctly, it looked great!

At Jo Anns I picked up this letter for around $4 and it was already painted black so I just put two little nails up and balanced it.

The photos look great! The wall looks kind of orange but it's really a bright red. I had to paint all of the frames black, attached hanging stuff on the back of some frames, and hung them all myself! Woo! I feel very accomplished.

The large picture looks great!

All the frames look nice too!

 I painted the nails black with paint and I think it looks... what can I say besides great?
I still want to hang a few more pictures. I was thinking about getting some old black and white pictures enlarged.

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3 Sweet little note(s)

  1. That looks great Margaret! I think old black and whites would go nice on your wall too!

  2. Love your gallery wall. The black frames look great against the red wall. Good job!

  3. I am ur newest follower, I caught a glimpse of this on a link-up & I am going to do my livingroom wall like this as well, so it gave me extra inspiration, they look awesome! (:
    -Carrie Eve @


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