A new roof!

8:46 PM

Okay so I haven't had much time to do anything very creative or even import my photos from the few creative things I actually have done!
I finally got around to some importing and ended up being able to recover some photos I had accidentally deleted for a huge report. Which I'll post a how-to for that too!
Anyways, this past weekend, about 15 or so all hauled their entire tool collection up to our cabin in the middle of nowhere, Michigan.
We had to replace our old rotted roof and here is the outcome:

Here's the before of the front:

And the back:

It was all hands on deck and even the neighbors stopped by to lend some help.

Here's the after of the back:

And the front:

And I couldn't help but share some of these. Two of my younger cousins discovered this tube that was used to hold some chimney stuff in. They kept pushing each other down the hill in it and asked me to snap some pictures of them.

All the hard work conked everyone out!

It's really hard to imagine the 15 or so people sleeping in a three bedroom cabin. And it was 1 per each of those rooms so I'm not sure what the rest did!

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6 Sweet little note(s)

  1. Good thing you’ve replaced your old roof already. Sometimes, homeowners should not wait for a leak to occur before deciding to replace their roof. Anyway, it looks like the leaves and twigs of the trees are hanging right above your roof. You can either try to cut some branches or just make it to a point to regularly clean your roof. This is to make sure that falling leaves and other debris would not be the cause of your roof wearing out.

    Lakisha Autin

  2. Looks like everyone lent a helping hand. :D It was great that you chose metal roofing to replace your old roof. Metal roofs are sturdier and can endure harsh weather conditions better than other roofing types. The only thing you have to watch out for is corrosion. You may coat your roof with rubber coating to give it additional protection.

    Elizabeth Hoffnung

  3. Replacing your roofs is the best idea you guys have made for you house, as its previous look had been filthy and severely damaged. It truly deserves a makeover and serious replacement to bring back the liveliness of your house. The replacement process seems quick. Moreover, I would like to congratulate everyone behind the renovation for a job well done!

    Leif Clancy

  4. It was great that there were a lot of hands to do the job! Kudos to everyone who did a good job. : ) I agree with Elizabeth that metal roofs are a good choice. They are indeed sturdy, durable, and would only require minimal maintenance.

    Pleasance Faast

  5. I really like the location. That’s a little higher right? Man, fresh air is so abundant there. Great choice on the roofs texture. Falling leaves can easily slide down and would require less effort to clean. It would certainly last longer in a place like that because moisture will only stay on top and will not be absorbed unlike roofs made from rocks.

    Willie Norman

  6. Your roof looks better now! The shiny metal roof made your house look brand new. =D It’s good you chose that type of roofing since it is resistant to cracking, shrinking, and eroding. It can also withstand extreme weather conditions. Plus, you won’t need to worry about molds.

    Sierra Nordgren


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