What We Wore Easter Addition

2:30 PM

I know, I know. Don't post on Easter! Go spend time with family blah blah blah. But while I am sitting here waiting for my mom to get ready for our next family party, I figured I'd share a few pictures of what we wore to our first family brunch this morning.

 Don't you just love a good self timer selfie? And do take time to admire the bare background of this photo. I spent a good two hours blowing the leaves from a majority of our gardens yesterday. Don't they look...naked?

We scooped up some unwilling models this morning as they were meandering around the yard.

Today was a big day because my sister is NOT wearing any major clothing articles from my closet! Yay!
Dress: thrifted, Shoes: my closet (but before that, Steve Madden)

Dress: Thrifted yesterday for $3.50 woot woot!, Shoes: Steve Madden (yes I do have the same pair of shoes in three different colors), watch: capezio sans batteries

Happy Easter Y'all! Check out my instagram to see how my day turned out!

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