DIY Braided Leather Wrap Bracelet

5:59 PM

Wrap bracelets and stacked bracelets are all the rage now if I'm correct. Well I LOVE them. Being the cheapo I am, I haven't bought any yet. Well I MADE some of my own and I love it. I got the clasp pieces and the leather at .They have so many other cool options it just makes me want to create a whole bunch of jewelry and I'm not even a jewelry person lol.

So the other day this adorable little package showed up at my doorstep and I was overjoyed. Ok I actually had to pick it up at the post office because someone drove over our mailbox but I was still just as excited.
But actually how does one drive straight over a mailbox?
Anyways, check out those cool stamps. I am secretly a stamp person.

Here's the leather cording that I used. I put a bit of gorilla glue inside the clasp and simply slid the cord in and let it dry a few hours.

 Ok let's ignore my arm hair but I'd like to put out a general warning that GORILLA GLUE EXPANDS. It created a great bond and my bracelet will not be breaking any time soon but I put a bit too much glue inside and it expanded outside of the cup. Thankfully though I was able to pick it all off. I (my dad) opened the ring of clip and then I (my dad) bent it around the end of the cup. I give major props to anyone who does DIY jewelry all the time! It's no joke and I actually struggled super hard to even see what I was doing. Good thing I (my dad) have reading glasses.

Here are the clasp pieces I used: end cups and clasp

I asked my mom to model my bracelet for me since it perfectly matched her outfit!

 Ok and here is my crude effort at stacking bracelets. Yes, that is a broken watch, a charm bracelet with a baby shoe on it, and a cross bracelet from Claire's. No I am not good at stacking bracelets nor do I even own bracelets but my new wrap bracelet does go perfectly well with what I have :)
I wore just the bracelet to school today and I got so many compliments and then I got even more once I told them that I made it myself! Maybe they were just proud of my effort for wearing more than just a pony tail on my wrist? I'm not sure but I still love my bracelet (and so does my mom who has officially stolen it from me!)

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4 Sweet little note(s)

  1. Love this! I'm going to have to make my own:)

  2. Very cute bracelet. I like the fact that it looks like you have on 3 of them. Thanks for sharing!!

    Pinning it!

  3. This is lovely, you did a great job. I'm not surprised you Mum has stolen it (but you might like to think of it as a permanent loan!)
    It's really hard to take good pictures of your own arm isn't it?!

  4. WOW this is so cute! And you are completely correct; wrap bracelets are very in. I love the color that you choose, very pretty. If you have a moment, I would LOVE for you to link this to my weekly beauty party! Please and Thank You


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