Ruffle Heaven

12:20 PM

       Just about every girl loves ruffles, me included. Sure you can sew a straight stitch, pull one of the threads and presto. You've got yourself some ruffles. But it's a pain. First of all it takes forever. Second of all, if the thread breaks, you get to pull out all the rest of the stitches and start over. Fun fun fun. NOT. Today, I saw a post on see kate sew about her ruffler foot.

         Confession time! I've had my sewing machine for probably 5 years and I've never changed the foot. It's truly quite sad. Especially since my machine came with 8 different feet. 
       After seeing the ruffler foot post, I remembered all the feet just sitting in the box. ha. That sounds kind of weird... anyway, I first popped on the gathering foot. It made a simple stitch that made it extremely easy to create ruffles. I was in heaven! But I didn't give up hope. I next tried the cording foot. I squealed when these babies popped out: 
So, no it's not the real deal... but hey they're ruffles! I think I'm in love. 

Anyone got any project ideas for ruffles or interested in guest posting while I'm on vacation? 

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